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Our Mission

To be the SaaS leader at the confluence of digital transformation and energy sustainability enabling operators to improve operational efficiency, maximize profit, and reduce GHG emissions

Our Story

Founded in 2014, Tachyus is a leader in operational optimization for the oil and gas industry. Aqueon, our waterflood modeling and optimization platform, powered by our proprietary engine Data Physics, has increased production and reduced costs and GHG emissions for operators worldwide. We also recently extended Aqueon for CO2 EOR optimization and is already being used by major operators in the US.

In early 2022, Tachyus entered the ESG space with Aurion, a fully integrated software platform that helps GHG intensive industries like oil and gas estimate, forecast, optimize and report GHG emissions and intensity. Since then, we have rapidly established ourselves as a leader in this space with over 20 clients in the US, Middle East and Latin America. 

Find the Problem

We find problems that are huge and painful in a market space that is unattended

Master the Solution

We understand the problem more deeply than anyone else to provide the best-in-class solution

Customer Driven

We continuously talk to our customers from concept to  commercialization  

World Class Team

We assembly teams that are uniquely qualified to solve that problem, build the technology and conquer the market

Unique Competitive Advantage

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