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End-to-End Platform for GHG Emissions Accounting, Monitoring, Forecasting and Reporting

Transform your operations with Aurion's GHG emissions management solutions. Our cutting-edge technology simplifies emissions reporting, reduces carbon and methane emissions, boosts efficiency, and is fully transparent and auditable. 

Your Fully Integrated GHG Emissions Management Platform

Streamlined Data Integration

Connect to 300+ data sources and formats seamlessly, map any data to model inputs, and automate for continuous GHG estimation and monitoring

Estimate emissions (Scope 1, 2, and 3) with industry standard models (EPA Subpart W etc.), and automate reporting to regulatory agencies like the EPA. Comply with the new SEC Climate Disclosure Rule and California SB 253 Climate Data Accountability Act

GHG Accounting and Reporting

GHG Emissions Monitoring

Continuously monitor GHG emissions on demand or in a fully automated manner, daily, weekly or monthly

Forecast future emissions for various operational plans to design an effective strategy for reducing GHG emissions to achieve Net-Zero goals

Forecast Future Emissions

Carbon Neutral, ESG Concepts. Green Leaf inside a Computer Circuit Board. Growth. Environm

ESG Reporting Frameworks

Aurion integrates the most credible and widely adopted sustainability frameworks for general corporate reporting (CDP, TCFD, GRI and SASB)

Aurion includes advanced analytics, such as automated data quality control, machine learning models, MACC analysis, sensitivity analysis etc.

Advanced Analytics and AI


Aurion is Designed for Many Verticals

Whether you are a GHG intensive industry like Oil and Gas reporting to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), or are impacted by the new SEC Climate Disclosure Rule, or do business in California and are being impacted by the new Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act (SB 253), Aurion is ready for you


Oil and Gas











Worldwide Clients


User Stories


Unconventional Upstream Operator

Seneca Resources, a large natural gas producer in the Appalachian Region, is using Aurion for managing its GHG emissions inventory by automating the monitoring, forecasting and reporting GHG emissions across the organization.


Conventional Upstream Operator

Denbury, a leader in CCUS and CO2 EOR, is using Aurion across their entire organization to streamline GHG management, particularly leveraging Aurion's ability to integrate multitude of complex data sources from different regions. 


Large Midstream

Kinetik, the largest midstream operator in the Delaware Basin integrated Aurion within their day-to-day operations. They see Aurion's ability to frequently model and report GHG emissions as essential in achieving their long-term net zero goals.

The Technology
Behind Aurion

With growing worldwide consensus about the impacts of climate change, it is imperative that GHG intensive industries like Oil and Gas is able to easily and accurately measure its GHG footprint, monitor key sources of emissions and ultimately minimize it via operational and other optimizations. This need is further accelerated by regulatory, investor, consumer and market forces, in many cases making it mandatory for corporations to report their carbon footprints. Tachyus’s Aurion platform is designed to be the one-stop-shop for GHG emissions management for GHG intensive industries.

Aurion leverages EPA GHGRP Subparts and GHG Protocol models as the underlying engine for emissions calculations. The GHGRP covers emissions from different aspects of GHG intensive industries through several of its subparts and is used to report by over 10000 facilities across many industries. Aurion seamlessly connects to many data sources to automate the calculation of GHG emissions baseline, and extends the EPA models to enable forecasting of future emissions. The Scope 2 and 3 models in Aurion are based on the GHG Protocol. Additionally Aurion also allows users to create fully custom models and equations for GHG emissions calculations. Aurion has now been extended to many verticals impacted by the California Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act (SB253) and upcoming SEC regulations.

Aurion not only provides robust, tested and reliable approaches to estimate GHG emissions, but also provides transparency to all calculations, thereby making it thoroughly auditable. By leveraging our expertise in cloud computing, data integration, modeling, forecasting, uncertainty quantification and optimization, Aurion extends the usability of EPA GHGRP models to the next level.

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