Cyclic Steam Optimization

Increase production and decrease steam-oil ratios with fast Data Physics models that identify the best wells to cycle.

Minimize Steam Costs

Cut opex by focusing on only the best cyclic opportunities.

Increase Oil Production

Predict production response and prioritize accordingly.

Optimize Steam Volumes

Identify the optimal injection volume well-by-well.

Increase Efficiency

Empower engineers to accomplish more in less time.

Forecast Financial Impact

Visualize job-by-job and field-wide financial performance.

Streamline Surveillance

Smart algorithms drive candidate selection and decision-making.

Thermion has been used to model and select thousands of cyclic steam jobs. Predicted financial impact has been validated across more than a dozen fields and every deployment has resulted in increases in return on investment.

“Our experience with Tachyus has been exceptional. It is inspiring to see their team get involved in our industry. I think they are making substantial strides for the oil & gas world.”


Small Independent

“It gives me reassurance to know that the algorithm has selected the well. I am no longer worried about the success of my cyclic program.”

GM Operations

Large Independent

How Thermion Works

Thermion users leverage fast optimization algorithms to mitigate financial risk while determining the best possible use of cyclic steam. The Tachyus platform intelligently recommends cyclic opportunities so that instead of manually sifting through vast quantities of data, engineers can focus on the most important challenges and questions for thermal operations. Thermion can also be deployed together with Atmion for a complete heat management solution in fields with both cyclic steam and steamflood recovery.

Tachyus’ Data Physics integrates the same fundamental physical principles found in traditional reservoir simulators with data science techniques such as machine learning to rapidly predict and optimize cyclic steam response. Engineers use Thermion not only to decide which wells to steam, but also to validate the underlying predictive models powering the Tachyus platform.

Engineers can explore a wide range of visualizations of past cyclic performance, potential cyclic plans, and expected cyclic response. Thermion reports are accessible on command center displays, workstations, and tablets in the field. It has never been easier for engineers to keep track of cyclic steam operations and to share reports and analysis with colleagues.


Decrease in Steam Oil Ratio


Increase in Oil Production