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We recognize the fundamental importance of energy to human life. We believe oil and gas producers deserve gratitude and respect for their crucial role in making everyone’s daily lives better. We marvel at the tremendous scientific and industrial accomplishments underlying the transformation of liquid thousands of feet below the earth into substances that power our modern world.

We also value energy in our team, partners, and customers. We strive to be positive, energized, and generally enthusiastic on a day-to-day basis. It is more enjoyable and rewarding to be surrounded by high-energy people. Our energetic team powers Tachyus so that we can empower energy producers with the best technology.


We seek partners, not subordinates, as team members. We build Tachyus together as our shared company and we each take responsibility for making it the best that it can be. Consequently, every Tachyon owns a significant equity stake in Tachyus. We all gain from growing Tachyus into a major world-changing enterprise.

We approach each meeting, discussion, and project with an ownership mentality. When any of us think that something can be done better, we speak up, even if it is not our direct responsibility or task. If we do not speak up, we are failing to complete our job as owners to do everything required for our success.


Honesty begins by being honest with yourself. There are facts about the world that we must accept and acknowledge before any successful action is possible. We use our minds not to wish that things would change, but to identify what is and what should be. Then we plan and execute in order to bring about the desired outcome.

Being honest with others is simply a corollary of one’s personal commitment to identify and live by what is real and true. We say what we mean and do what we say we will. We thrive on open and direct communication. We give each other candid feedback so that we can all grow together as professionals. The bedrock of our mutual trust is honesty with ourselves and our peers.


To build a company requires designing and scaling a management philosophy and system. We continuously contemplate and test how to maintain and solidify alignment between team members. It is challenging and mission-critical in a fast-paced high-growth environment to focus on communications, information flow, structural incentives, and team culture. As we grow, we always ask ourselves how we can best collaborate and promote efficient and effective knowledge sharing.

We evaluate regular meetings, compensation practices, team benefits, equity distribution, company policies, social events, and day-to-day rhythms to maximize alignment between team members, investors, and customers. Our company will prosper and we will enjoy building Tachyus each day if, and only if, we are aligned.


Intellectual curiosity is an unmistakable personal virtue we seek in Tachyons. We enjoy a diverse array of passions: skiing, theoretical physics, hardware tinkering, arts and crafts, mathematical proofs, guitar, personal philosophy, video production, and hat design to name a few. Despite the vast differences between these pursuits, we are united by a shared approach to our interests--an all-consuming desire to understand and master the world around us.

Our personal drive to learn and better ourselves serves us as we build Tachyus together. None of us are ever done comprehending and growing, particularly as we rapidly develop cutting edge technology and expand our team. Each day places new, exciting, and challenging demands on our skills. We ask and answer hard questions. We embrace the need to absorb new knowledge. Ultimately, our curiosity impels us to become the best that we can be.


To be a Tachyon is to know thyself. The world at large seems to vastly underestimate how difficult it is to truly and deeply know one’s self. We each work hard to understand our own thoughts, emotions, strengths, and weaknesses. Self-awareness requires an ongoing commitment to question how one is responding to new situations, integrating new information, and interacting with others.

Self-awareness unites many of our other core values. It takes tremendous energy to maintain self-awareness and take ownership for one’s personal growth. Honest introspection leads to self-awareness and alignment between one’s beliefs and feelings, one’s mind and body. Curiosity turned inwards empowers self-discovery and growth. Fundamentally, understanding one’s self serves as a prerequisite for personal happiness, mature communication, and professional success.


Mission-Critical Problems

We build software that requires tackling some of the hardest measurement and analysis challenges in the world. Our quantitative optimization technologies are mission-critical for our partners’ financial and operational performance.


We offer market compensation, significant equity stakes, 100 percent of the cost of top-of-the-line medical, dental, and vision insurance, generous workstation budgets, around the clock meals, cutting edge work spaces, team retreats, and significant opportunities for personal growth.


We have deep software engineering, data science, physics, petroleum engineering experience, and oil field service experience. We hire the best, so you work with the best.


Every team member spends time with our customers. We create technology to optimize energy production for oil and gas producers, so every Tachyon must understand the daily workflows of pumpers, production engineers, and reservoir engineers first-hand.


If you are interested in joining us as a Tachyon, please apply for one of the open positions below.

Business Operations

Customer Success Engineer

Software Engineering

UX/UI Engineer: Latin America