Data Analytics Bootcamp

Empowering petroleum engineers to become world-class data analysts with a 12-week training course in data science and machine learning for the oil and gas industry.

Q1 - 2021

  “Welcome! At Tachyus we have combined years of expertise applying machine learning and data science to problems in upstream, and productizing them in the Tachyus platform. We’re excited to bring you this course to help you learn the discipline of data analysis and the ways it can be used to gain insights and optimize your upstream operations. ”

Dr. Pallav Sarma

Co-Founder & Chief Scientist


Unit 1 - Python Programming and Data Manipulation

Instructor: Paul Orland

This unit trains you in one of the most important tools for data scientists today: the Python programming language. You’ll learn how to code in Python, creating standalone analyses as well as real-world applications that you can deploy within your organization.

Topics will include:

Fundamentals of Python programming

Working with files, APIs, and relational data sources

Data normalization and validation

Key libraries for manipulating and understanding data like NumPy and Matplotlib

Unit 2 - Data Science, Machine Learning, Statistics and Optimization

Instructor: Dr. Stelios Kyracou, Dr. Javad Rafiee, Dr. Pallav Sarma

This unit teaches you the basics of machine learning and optimization, and how to frame real-world problems in a data science and optimization framework

Topics will include:

Mathematical and statistical libraries in Python

Supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms

Single and multi-objective optimization algorithms

Uncertainty Quantification algorithms

Data Assimilation algorithms

Unit 3 - Combining Data Science and Physics

Instructor: Dr. Pallav Sarma, Dr. Yong Zhao, Dr. Javad Rafiee

In this unit, we will introduce how data science and reservoir physics can be combined to solve real-world problems in oil and gas. We’ll introduce Tachyus technologies that have been used in the field to create millions of dollars of upside for producers, and the approaches used to achieve this.

Topics will include:

Governing equations of reservoir fluid flow

Basics of reservoir simulation

Response surface (proxy) modeling

Embedding physics in machine learning

In depth tutorials on all Tachyus apps

Unit 4 - Introduction to Power BI, Tableau and Orange

Instructor: Gabriel Quintero

This unit explores some of the most important software packages available to help process large volumes of data and to create meaningful data visualizations and reports.

Topics will include:

Differences between BI and Data Analysis software

Guidance on the setup of each one of the three tools

Introduction to Power BI, creation of basic visualizations, M and DAX languages and where and when to use them

Introduction to Tableau Free edition, creation of basic visualizations

Introduction to Orange Biolab, the concept of workflow, walk through the Iris dataset and other demos using geological and O&G datasets

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Q1 - 2021

Basic Tier

Two lectures a week + weekly office hours and Q&A
In-depth assignments

Cost: $1900
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Premium Tier

Two lectures a week + weekly office hours and Q&A
In-depth assignments
6 month free access to single user license

Cost: $9500
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  B.S./M.S. in Petroleum Engineering, Geology, or related field

 1+ years professional experience in E&P

 Strong math and quantitative skills

 Strong computer literacy


 Some programming experience

 Specific goals to apply data science or analytics in your current or prospective role