Our Mission

Tachyus creates technology to optimize energy production for the oil and gas industry.


Oil and gas serves as the lifeblood of our global economy. Tachyus provides producers the technology required to make data-driven decisions.

Oil and gas power the modern world of transportation, agriculture, manufacturing, computing, medicine and education. Affordable and reliable energy makes possible every daily comfort we take for granted and serves as the lifeblood of our global economy. The oil and gas sector’s far-reaching importance cannot be overstated even though it is frequently underappreciated.

Fundamentally, energy production requires understanding where resources are located and how to extract them cost-effectively and safely. Over the last decade, it has become possible to deploy low-cost computerized sensors, reliable wireless networks, and flexible cross-platform software-as-a-service to measure, analyze, and produce more efficiently and safely. Together, these new technologies will reshape the oil and gas industry: drilling, completion, maintenance, and stimulation will be driven by the gathering and analysis of data. Consequently, oil and gas producers will need to reinvent themselves as data-driven companies.

Tachyus delivers the end-to-end technology to make that possible. Our platform ingests the deluge of new data from these ubiquitous networks of real-time sensors and integrates seismic, drilling logs, cores, completion designs, production data, and maintenance records so decision-makers can rapidly analyze all relevant context. Our breakthrough technology Data Physics combines physical modeling and machine learning to empower engineers to quickly predict mechanical equipment failure, production responses to stimulation, relationships between completion design and initial production, and fieldwide forecasts for any given injection redistribution. Ultimately, the Tachyus platform enables operators to explore millions of scenarios and identify optimal operational and development plans, resulting in significant cost reductions and production increases.

We provide oil and gas producers the technology required to make data-driven decisions.


Dakin Sloss

Co-Founder, Chairman

Dakin Sloss is Co-Founder and Chairman of Tachyus. He also invests in startups solving the world’s hardest problems in government, finance, education, law, real estate, and information technology.

Dakin co-founded OpenGov, where as CEO he recruited the core team, secured millions in angel funding and venture capital, arranged the initial pilot partnerships, and launched the world’s most advanced smart government platform. Before OpenGov, he built California Common Sense, the premiere California open data and government watchdog non-profit.

Dakin earned a BS in Mathematics from Stanford University in 2011. In 2016, Dakin was recognized as the featured Forbes 30 Under 30 energy entrepreneur. In 2017, he was named as a San Francisco Business Times 40 Under 40 honoree.

Paul Orland

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Paul Orland is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tachyus. Formerly, he led the Tachyus engineering team as the founding CTO. In that capacity, he led the initial productization of Data Physics technology.

Paul designed and delivered the Tachyus HPC optimization platform, as well as web-based modeling and surveillance tools. He advocates for strongly-typed functional programming to build robust software on a start-up schedule, and he has hired a team of renowned experts in the F# programming language. Before founding Tachyus, Paul worked on the Visual Studio team at Microsoft and built developer tools for the Azure cloud.

Paul received a BS in Mathematics from Yale University and an MS in Physics from the University of Washington.

Pallav Sarma

Chief Scientist

Dr. Sarma is Chief Scientist of Tachyus developing the fundamental modeling and optimization technologies underlying the Tachyus platform. He is a world-renowned expert in reservoir management, with multiple patents and numerous papers on the subject.

He has over 12 years of experience working for Chevron and Schlumberger. As a Staff Research Scientist for Chevron, he was responsible for their key simulation and optimization technologies. He received many awards including the Dantzig Dissertation award from INFORMS and Chevron’s Excellence in Reservoir Management award.

Pallav holds a Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering and a Ph.D. Minor in Operations Research from Stanford University.

Jeri Eagan


Jeri Eagan is President of Tachyus. She focuses on executive relationships with customers, investors and strategic partners.

Ms. Eagan's experience includes 30 years with Royal Dutch Shell in the U.S., The Netherlands, and London. During this period, she served in various roles including VP Finance for Global Gas and Power, VP Finance for Commercial America and Chief Financial Officer.

After retiring from Shell in 2005, Ms. Eagan was employed by Delta Hydrocarbons B.V. as CFO until 2009. In January 2012, she joined the board of directors of the Marine Spill Response Corporation, the largest standby oil spill and emergency response company in the United States. Ms. Eagan also serves on the board of directors for BPZ Energy.

Ms. Eagan holds a BS in Accounting from the University of New Orleans, an MBA from the University of Houston, and law degree from the South Texas College of Law.

Brandon Simmons

Chief Operating Officer

Brandon Simmons is Chief Operating Officer of Tachyus. Brandon manages our global business team and contributes broadly across the enterprise, including providing leadership in strategy and planning, international affairs, business development, marketing, and general and administrative matters. He is also General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of Tachyus.

Brandon is also an angel investor and was previously an attorney at Hogan Lovells. Brandon’s experience includes significant work for Silicon Valley companies and investors as well as projects in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe. Before entering private practice, Brandon served as law clerk to Chief Judge JL Edmondson of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.

Brandon received a JD from Stanford Law School and a BA from UC Berkeley.

Ian Hunt


Ian Hunt is Senior Vice President of Europe, Middle East, and Africa at Tachyus. He focuses on acquiring, onboarding and delighting international and national oil companies.

Previously, Ian was VP of Business Development for Halliburton where he managed a multi-billion dollar portfolio of product lines across the Middle East and North Africa region. His 30 year career includes a variety of operations, technical, and management roles in the high technology sector of upstream oil & gas. Ian’s work experience at Halliburton, Paradigm and Baker Hughes spans over a dozen countries such as USA, UK, Norway, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, and the UAE where he currently lives.

Ian received a BS in Physics from Southampton University in the UK, with a specialization in nuclear physics. He is a member of the SPE and SPWLA.

Carlos Calad

SVP of Latin America

Carlos Calad is Senior Vice President of Latin America at Tachyus. He focuses on acquiring, on-boarding and delighting national, international and regional operators in Latin America.

Before joining Tachyus, Carlos was the COO at Lupatech, the largest Brazilian oilfield services company. During his 35 year career he has served clients in USA, Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, Indonesia, Spain, Mexico and Colombia and has held positions as VP of Marketing at Archer and Schlumberger Oilfield Services as well as management, commercial and technical roles across Schlumberger, where he managed a sales organization of over 200 people producing more than $2 billion in annual revenue and established value sharing contracts with Latin American NOCs.

Carlos completed postgraduate studies at Harvard, Columbia and Stanford, and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Universidad de los Andes.

Garrett Fowler

Principal Reservoir Engineer

Garrett Fowler is Principal Reservoir Engineer of Tachyus. He deploys Tachyus solutions to customers and ensures successful adoption of cutting-edge reservoir optimization technology.

Before joining Tachyus, Garrett worked at Occidental Petroleum and California Resources Corporation on a broad range of asset types and recovery mechanisms including conventional sandstone primary production, Permian CO2 and WAG floods, and light and heavy waterfloods in various geologic settings. His last assignment was with the reservoir optimization team, where he focused on waterflood surveillance and optimization.

Garrett received a MS in Petroleum Engineering from Stanford University.

JJ Moi

Principal Designer

JJ Moi is Principal Designer of Tachyus, creating all of the branding and user experience of the Tachyus platform based on his 10 years of design experience across startups, large institutions, governments, and design agencies.

Previously, JJ was the Creative Director at OpenGov, where he was the lead designer for the world's leading open government platform. He continues to be a mentor at the DesignLab teaching aspiring designers. He has also previously served as an innovation specialist at 18F.

JJ earned a MFA degree in New Media from the Academy of Art University and a BFA in Industrial Design from Rangsit University.


Ganesh Thakur

Former Chevron VP & SPE President

Dr. Thakur is Chief Petroleum Engineer of Tachyus. He advises on strategy and manages executive-level petroleum engineering relationships.

Dr. Thakur has several decades of operational and technical experience at Chevron as a Vice President, Global Advisor and Chevron Fellow. He also served as the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) President in 2012. Dr. Thakur's publications span reservoir characterization & simulation, secondary recovery and EOR, reservoir and well productivity improvement, heavy oil, tight and unconventional reservoirs, and surveillance & monitoring. His expertise is frequently called upon to design reservoir management programs and mentor technical professionals as an ambassador to national oil companies and government ministries.

Jeff Hatlen

Former Chief Engineer of Oxy

Jeff has nearly 40 years of Oil & Gas technical and leadership experience across reservoir engineering, operations, and technology innovation. Most recently, he served as Chief Engineer at Occidental Petroleum and California Resources Corporation. Previously, Jeff spent time at Chevron, Texaco, and Getty Oil where he led efforts to develop heavy oil steam injection optimization methods that have been deployed across California, Indonesia, and Kuwait.

Jeff has spearheaded several initiatives throughout his career to optimize production including steamflood enhanced oil recovery, unconventional reservoir development, data driven analytics, and surface facility operations. Jeff holds a BS in Engineering from UC Berkeley and an MBA from Cal State, Bakersfield.

Daru Darukhanavala

Former CTO of BP

Dr. Darukhanavala has an extensive global background in the oil and gas industry including E&P, refining, retail, and marketing. He has held several technology leadership positions at BP and recently retired as CTO.

Daru led global operational IT activities across America, Europe and Asia where he managed the introduction of emerging technology to BP. Previously, he oversaw the IT integration programs across the $48B M&A activities between BP, Amoco, and Arco.

He actively participates on advisory boards for several companies, universities, and organizations such as DrillingInfo, Insight Venture Partners, and the Society for Petroleum Engineers. Daru received his Ph.D. and his M.S. in Operations Research from Case Western Reserve University.

Francisco LePort

Co-Founder, Technical Advisor

Dr. Leport is Co-Founder and Technical Advisor of Tachyus for its data science and reservoir modeling research.

Francisco served as Director of Engineering for Integrated Plasmonics, where he lead development of a highly versatile medical diagnostics device. Previously, as a Senior Research Scientist at Tesla, he worked directly with Elon Musk to create key technologies that ensure the safety and efficiency of the Model S battery. Francisco earned a Ph.D. in experimental neutrino physics at age 24 from Stanford University, where he built the world’s most advanced neutrino detector, orders of magnitude more sensitive than any predecessor.

Tom Baruch

Former President of Exxon Materials

Tom formed CMEA Capital, an early-stage venture capital fund investing in energy, IT, life science companies, in 1988 with New Enterprise Associates. While at CMEA, Tom managed a total of $1.2 billion of capital across seven funds. Earlier in his career, Tom worked at Exxon Mobil for 12 years, eventually leaving as President of the Exxon Materials Division. Currently, Tom serves as Chairman of the Board of Codexis, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDXS) and Intermolecular, Inc. (NASDAQ: IMI).

Tom is a member of Obama’s National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (NACIE), where he advises the U.S. Department of Commerce and the White House on science and technology innovation. Tom is also a member of the “Brain Trust” of the ARPA-E program within the U.S. Department of Energy.

Joel Moxley

Founder of Foro Energy

Joel is Co-Founder and EVP of Business Development for Foro Energy, which is commercializing high power lasers for the oil, natural gas, geothermal, and mining industries. Most recently, Dr. Moxley was Entrepreneur-in-Residence at North Bridge Venture Partners where he worked with entrepreneurs to conceive, form, and grow early-stage companies in the energy and materials sectors through investments from the fund's $2B+ in assets.

Previously, Dr. Moxley was Co-Founder of PriorSmart, which leads the market in patent enforcement data for the IP litigation community and Vice President of Operations of Semprus Biosciences. Dr. Moxley received his Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and B.S.E. from Princeton University, both in Chemical Engineering.

Michael Lefenfeld

Founder of SiGNa Chemistry

Michael Lefenfeld co-founded and leads SiGNa Chemistry, a global manufacturer of highly-active, environmentally-friendly chemicals. SiGNa’s products are used to improve production processes in the energy recovery, petrochemical refining and chemical manufacturing industries.

Prior to SiGNa, Michael embraced his ability for commercializing new technology and launched and sold three other companies. He holds more than 75 patents in areas ranging from medical devices to chemical reactivity.

Michael has a Masters in Chemistry from Columbia University and a BS in Chemical Engineering from Washington University in St Louis. Michael is an annual lecturer at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and is an adjunct faculty scholar at Michigan State University.

Jim Cerna

Former President of Armada Oil

Jim served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Armada Oil, Inc. until the closing of the Armada business combination with Mesa Energy, Inc. in March of 2013, at which time he became President of Armada Oil, Inc. Jim served as Chairman of the Board of Lucas Energy, Inc. (NYSE Amex: LEI), and was also CEO and President thereof. Prior to founding Lucas Energy, Jim was the CFO of Petroleum Partners LLC.

He was the founder and CEO of NetCurrents, Inc., (NASDAQ: NTCS), an early ASP modeled BI organization that focused on Internet information monitoring and analysis, where he was the author and co-inventor of a US Patent for Real Time Internet Search Technology (FIRST). Jim was a Lieutenant and Pilot with the Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Air Force Auxiliary, Squadron 192.

Scott Nolan

Partner at Founders Fund

Scott Nolan is a Partner at Founders Fund, where he focuses on investments in technology-driven companies across sectors including energy, biotechnology, aerospace, healthcare, and advanced manufacturing. Scott is a board member at Tachyus, Collective Health, Tribogenics, and two other companies currently in stealth mode.

Prior to Founders Fund, Scott was an early employee at SpaceX helping to develop the propulsion systems. After SpaceX, Scott spent time at Bain & Company working with its private equity clients, and co-founded a startup building social web apps on the Facebook Connect platform. Scott earned both a BS and MEng in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Cornell University in 4 years, and received his MBA from Stanford University where he was co-president of the Entrepreneurs Club.